Facts About Vitamin C

- it protects skin against free radicals, the main cause of photo ageing. - It is an essential coenzyme for the synthesis of collagen.

- lt is essential for the transportation of collagen molecules into the dermis. . It disrupts melanin synthesis in melanocytes, reducrng pigmentation.

Potent vitamin C is clinically proven to have an anti—ageing effect on wrinkles.

Vitamin C works with Vitamin A

Our natural skin regeneration process is controlled by many molecules and messengers, not just one molecule. Combining vitamins will yield quicker and
better results that last much longer. Together, vitamins A and C stimulate and enhance nearly all major components of the skin (dermis and epidermis).


Medik8 scientists have mimicked how the body naturally keeps vitamin C stable in the skin: the vitamin C is "recharged" by having two antioxidant 'allies’ in solution with it: vitamin E and l—glutathione. These three antioxidants, when in perfect balance, work in such a way as to recharge each other so that they stay potent and active while on the skin and exposed to the atmosphere.

Vitamin E: is an excellent lipid antioxidant, working synergistically with vitamin C.

L-GIutathione: is far better than vitamin E at recycling vitamin C. It therefore enhances stability by creating a more comprehensive cycle that is self sufficient and fully regenerative.

Visible Effects seen within 2 days


  • Rechargeable Vitamin C™
  • Highly potent Vitamin C serum
  • Provides antioxidant protection
  • Stabilised with additional antioxidants
  • Stabilised 15% Vitamin C Serum
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