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Neutrogena is an American brand of skin care, hair care and cosmetics, that is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. For healthy and beautiful skin, find the best products for your skin type from the #1 Dermatologist-recommended skin care brand, Neutrogena®.
Neutrogena deep clean facial cleanser wipe
-22 % 2-3 Days
Brand: Neutrogena Model: 053043
Our ultra-soft, oil-free, pre-moistened cleansing wipes effectively and gently sweep away makeup, dirt and oil for clear, fresh looking skin. Oil-dissolvers go deep down to remove pore-clogging impurities and leave skin thoroughly cleansed with no heavy residue, so there's no need to rinse! Wi..
₨350 ₨450
Neutrogena Hydro Boost® Smoothing Exfoliating Gel 150ml
-20 % 2-3 Days
Brand: Neutrogena Model: 13004
NEUTROGENA® Hydro Boost® Smoothing Exfoliator Gel is an oil-free, innovative gel with soft, naturally-derived microbeads. The gel works to gently exfoliate skin and remove impurities, whilst delivering a vital boost of hydration. The NEUTROGENA® cleansing technology works alongside the super hydrato..
₨1000 ₨1250
Neutrogena Visibly Clear Clear & Protect 2-in-1 Face Wash Mask
-17 %
Brand: Neutrogena Model: 32003
Helps clear breakouts from first uses plus preserves skin’s defense so skin finally becomes clearer and more protected. With exclusive ClearDefend technology™ This spot cleansing formula helps clear spots deep down into the pores Proven to leave most of skin essential nutrients intact, buildi..
₨1000 ₨1200
Neutrogena Visibly Clear® Correct & Perfect Complexion Scrub
-17 % 2-3 Days
Brand: Neutrogena Model: 13005
Shows perfectly amazing results Removes blackheads by cutting their roots Eliminates all the impurities from your skin Safe for your skin..
₨1000 ₨1200
Neutrogena VISIBLY CLEAR® Pore & Shine Daily Scrub
-17 %
Brand: Neutrogena Model: 13008
NEUTROGENA® VISIBLY CLEAR® Pore & Shine Daily Scrub has a double action for tightened pores & mattified skin, providing a flawless-looking complexion. Helps tighten pores: with naturally-derived exfoliators and salicylic acid, it cleanses deep down to unclog pores for visibly refine..
₨1000 ₨1200
Brand: Neutrogena Model: 32002
We’re coming for you, Acne! Oil-free formula cleanses pores and removes dead surface skin. A daily wash and a weekly treat for thoroughly clean, invigorated skin.   This revolutionary formula works as a daily facial wash or 3-minute mask.   It instantly foams to dissolve dirt, oil and..
₨1050 ₨1150
Model: 32001
Description NEUTROGENA® Visibly Clear® Spot Proofing works with your skin to help clear spots and defend against new breakouts. Formulated with ClearDefend technology™ to help clear spots and defend against new breakouts from first use for healthy looking, spot proof skin.   Suitable for se..
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