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Oriflame Eclat Femme Weekend Eau de Toilette
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Brand: Oriflam Sweden Model: 30128
Eclat Femme from Oriflame is for the sophisticated women over 20 who love the scent of flowers. Eclat Femme leads with the scent of Jasmine and Sandalwood followed by greens, soil tincture, and spices. Neither sweet and nor sour. Name: Eclat Femme Type: Eau de Toilette Product Weight: 1.69 FL..
Oriflame Volare Eau de Parfum
Hot -63 %
Brand: Oriflam Sweden Model: PO30025W
Delicate and sensual, nothing embodies elegance like a rose. Volare Eau de Parfum is an exclusive fusion of violet leaves, peony, rose petals and praline, creating the luxurious aura of romance and beauty. The bottle itself is an story on its own, filled with love. Ideal for the first dates and v..
₨1500 ₨4000
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