Aloe Vera (Italy) Planter

Aloe Vera (Italy) Planter

Cosmetic brand PLANTER'S has the purpose to offer to the market products of high quality that represent the "Made in Italy" around the world. All along Planter’s orients his research and his image towards natural products with the use of the best raw materials that nature can offer. This permits to reach a perfect balance and synergy between body and cosmetics. The main supporter for his success is no doubt aloe vera that’s appropriate for all kinds of skin and for all ages, with his purifying properties, soothing, softening and supplementary, it’s able to give back to the skin the essential nourishing substances for a correct maintaining of the skin. With Planter’s line with ALOE VERA is subscribed a loyalty agreement with the user observing rigorously 10 natural rules: Parabeen free SLS and SLES free Petrolatum and mineral oil free Ethyl alcohol free Fragrances formulated to reduce the risk of allergies Artificial colouring free Lanolin free and no animal-derived raw materials Nickel tested Dermatologically tested Not tested on animals

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Aloe Gel 99.9% Face -66%

Aloe Gel 99.9% Face

Face, hands, body ALOE GEL * 99.9% PURE TITRÉ * titrated in polysaccharides - high quality and efficiency Due to its high concentration of polyaccharides, Planter's gel effectively stimulates cell regeneration and has a high water retention capacity. It has a moisturizing, soothing, antisetic, refreshing and healing effect. It is the ideal daily ally in case of: dehydration of the skin, after shaving and waxing, sunburn, redness, cracking, insect bites, external dryness. Pure Aloe V..

Rs 2,370 Rs 799

Pasta Di Aloe Vera -58%

Pasta Di Aloe Vera

- Aloe vera Paste with zinc oxide for high protection. This product is perfect for babys and small kids. It will keep them protected from the sunrays and all risks combined with high exposion in the sun. The skin still have its natural way of breathing, it will not closed the poors. Keeps the skin smooth and hydrated. (you have both a tube and a can with this product, it is called ”Pasta di aloe vera”) ..

Rs 2,332 Rs 990

Aloe Vera Collo Decollete -66%

Aloe Vera Collo Decollete

Aloe Lifting Neck and upper chest     With natural active ingredients     Helps to prevent and combat tissue relaxation and premature aging of the skin     It increases the elasticity and visibly improves the compactness of the epidermis     Contains: extracts of aloe vera barbadensis, cyclodextrins and vegetable glycoproteins, centella asiatica, guarana, ginseng, liposomes from wheat germ     Single-dose packaging ..

Rs 1,742 Rs 599

Aloe Vera Acqua Spray Fredda -71%

Aloe Vera Acqua Spray Fredda

Indications: Aloe vera body water spray helps to reactivate skin metabolism by stimulating and toning the epidermis. The vegetable principles of which it is enriched refresh the skin giving a lasting and pleasant sensation of freshness and hydration. Thanks to its emollient and soothing action, water spray for the body is the ideal after-bath accessory and an excellent after-sun. How to use: vaporize diffusely throughout the body, allowing to dry without massage. Warnings: ..

Rs 2,958 Rs 850

Aloe Vera Crema Viso 24 Ore Idratante -68%

Aloe Vera Crema Viso 24 Ore Idratante

Aloe Vera All-day anti-time face creme; Toneless and relaxed skin. Prevents all signs of aging. Deeply  moisturizing and caring to keep all signs of time away from your face. Protects your skin for 24 hours, to be used day and night. Dermatologically tested. ..

Rs 3,115 Rs 999

Aloe Vera Labbra Mani 2 in 1 -71%

Aloe Vera Labbra Mani 2 in 1

Aloe Vera Hand and lips 2-in-1; Handcreme and lipbalm in the same stick, on the top you find lipbalm and unscrewing the top you have handcreme. Both products based on the hydrating and caring Aloe vera extract. Perfect for every-day use, to be kept in your handbag. (this is the product in the small tube with a capsule over the lipbalm) ..

Rs 1,393 Rs 399

Crema Per il Corpo -72%

Crema Per il Corpo

Aloe Vera Planters Body Lotion, rich body lotion containing extract from Aloe vera barbadensis. This extract keeps your skin hydrated and works deeply to protect and hydrate. To be used all over your body ..

Rs 4,680 Rs 1,299

Crema viso Ultra attiva anti rughe -66%

Crema viso Ultra attiva anti rughe

Aloe vera Creme ultra active “Soft Focus”; Ultra active treatment to keep all wrinkles away. Wrinkle by wrinkle will be less notable using this aloe vera based creme. It also makes the dark spots less visable. To be used a small amount around your eyes every day and every night. Applicate on clean face. (on the package it is called “Crema viso Ultra attiva anitrughe”) ..

Rs 2,645 Rs 899

Gel Aleo Vera Titlato Freddo -69%

Gel Aleo Vera Titlato Freddo

Gel Aloe vera cooling; Produced out of extract from the plant Aloe vera barbadensis. Treating your tired legs in a both relaxing and decongestants way. Improves your circulation. This product is also hydrating and can be used every day on your tired legs.   Designed to give tired and heavy legs an immediate, deep and durable feeling of well-being Enriched with targeted plant assets, known for their direct action on circulation Provides immediate relief and benefit to heavy legs..

Rs 3,114 Rs 950