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Exuviance Bionic Oxygen Facial

The power of oxygen-rich bubbles that energizes and detoxifies dull, stressed skin. Indulge yourself with this Luxurious foaming face mask. This innovative oxygenating facial detoxifies, stimulates and revitalizes the skin Containing pure essential oxygen plus Bionic complex blend to restore a healthy, radiant complexion. Paraben-Free and Fragrance-Free. Size: 97 ml Directions: Massage a generous, even layer on clean, damp skin. Wait five minutes, allowing a thick oxygenating froth ..

Rs 12,000

Medik8 Dark Circles

The instantly eye illuminating concentrated formula of Dark Circles also targets the underlying causes of tired looking eyes, significantly brightening and reducing puffiness. Dark Circles offers an immediate concealing effect, thanks to its bright mineral pigments that reflect light away while evening skin tone. It helps to instantly reduce signs of fatigue while providing long term benefits that reduce dark circles under the eye. Can be used under make-up and concealer. BENEFITS Targets ..

Rs 8,000

Medik8 Firewall

The patented combination of stable, scientifically proven antioxidants in Firewall helps neutralise a wide range of free radicals which can cause premature skin ageing. The award winning formula is a result of Medik8's own original research, and leaves the skin feeling hydrated, looking visibly younger with a sumptuous silky feel. Benefits Broad spectrum antioxidant serum Protects collagen and elastin from free-radical damage Mimics the body's natural antioxidants Helps to prevent prema..

Rs 12,000

Medik8 White balance Oxy-R

White Balance® Click Oxy-R is a silky serum containing an innovative ingredient called Oxyresveratrol (Oxy-R). This active ingredient specifically helps minimise the appearance of skin pigmentation; reducing the appearance of uneven skin tone and improving the overall appearance of sun damaged skin. It contains 10 carefully chosen active ingredients in a patented solution to help reduce the appearance of skin pigmentation as well as providing the feeling of immediate hydration. Suitable for s..

Rs 12,000

Medik8 R-Retinoate

5 Key Activities Encapsulated RetinylRetinoate - stimulates collagen synthesis and skin cell turnover. Exclusive and patented active, proven to be more effective, yet less irritating than retinol. Vitamin E - quenches free radicals. This powerful antioxidant also has an effective anti-ageing and moisturising effect. Vitamin C - fights UV-induced free radicals. Vitamin C and vitamin E combination synergistically boosts overall antioxidant effect. Hyaluronic Acid - draws moisture to th..

Rs 21,000

Medik8 Gentle Clense

Perfect for every skin type. Medik8 gentleCleanse is a rosemary-infused refreshing foaming cleanser that effectively removes impurities without stripping the skin’s natural, essential moisture; leaving even the most sensitive skin feeling fresh and glowing. Benefit Very gentle Refreshing and light-weight Removes dirt, excess oil and make-up Contains hydrating natural glycerin Directions Every morning and evening: pump a small amount of cleanser into the palm of the hand and massag..

Rs 5,000


Facts About Vitamin C - it protects skin against free radicals, the main cause of photo ageing. - It is an essential coenzyme for the synthesis of collagen. - lt is essential for the transportation of collagen molecules into the dermis. . It disrupts melanin synthesis in melanocytes, reducrng pigmentation. Potent vitamin C is clinically proven to have an anti—ageing effect on wrinkles. Vitamin C works with Vitamin A Our natural skin regeneration process is controlled by many molec..

Rs 2,000